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Ready-To-Go SSR and Response Journal Prompts

Yesterday, I wrote about Summarization and Close Reading of Text.

If you are ready to go beyond summarization, check out this excellent post by Althea Suber on Writing Prompts that ask students to consider their reading practice.

This list is great for quick writing, writing extension, SSR and Response Journals. Click and print!


Warmup Prompts Week of May 26

It’s Time For A Jazzy WarmUp Week!

1.) Jazz is both a “Team” and a “Music.”   Explain

2.) What is scat singing?

3.) Reread yesterday’s article and listat least two things from that you did not know

4.) Click on the timeline. List one year and tell what happened in Jazz History in that year.

5.) What instruments do you think of when you hear jazz?


Warmup Prompts Week of May 19

1.) What kind of computer do you like best? Mac/Windows/Other? Why?

2.) What are at least 5 things you like about computers?

3.) What are at least 5 things that you do not like about computers?

4.) What kind of rules do you have when someone uses your computer?

5.) What is your favorite website right now?


Warmup Prompts Week of May 12

Summer is close. It is hard to wait. This week’s Warmups are about waiting.

1.) Key at least ten words that are synonyms for the word “waiting.”

2.) Have you ever waited until the last minute to do something? What/When was it?

3.) List at least 5 incidences when it is not good to wait until the last minute.

4.) On the other hand, list at least 2 situations when it is smart to wait.

5.) Key your advice to someone regarding what to do when waiting in line.

Warmups inspired by a blog post from Seth Godin.


Warmup Prompts Week of May 5

Let’s Celebrate Robots this week:

1. If you were a robot, and I knew but you didn’t, would you want me to tell you?

2. Guess in what year the word “robotics” was first used and give a reason for your prediction.

3. Read the the Three Laws of Robotics. Which one is unnecessary and why?

4. Was your prediction yesterday correct? Go here and find out! Are you surprised at the answer?

5. Read and finish the dialogue below (click on “More”) Add a line each for Wolowitz and Sheldon.

Read More


Warmup Prompts Week of April 28

April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate with these Warm-ups!

Week of April 28:

1. Read and solve each of these math poems. Can you write your own math poem?
2. In your opinion, can a sentence be a poem? Why or why not?
3. Read these samples “The Red Wheelbarrow”  “When You Are Old”  “The New Dog”  What do these poems have in common?
4.  Choose one of the following pictures and write at least six descriptive words specifically about the colors you see. Cape May Lighthouse  Horse swing Snowy Woods  Maple Tree in the Spring
5. Read 4 or 5 color poems written by 3rd graders at this site Which one do you like best? Try adding a line anywhere in one of the poems.



Warmups Week of April 21

Here are this week’s Warmups. Have a great week!
Week of April 21

1.) Barbara Park wrote the Junie B. Jones children’s book and her birthday is April 21. How many total books has she written?
2.) How many books have you read this year? Have you read more books or webpages? Ask two friends and record their answers.
3.) Think & Answer: “Today will be a success for me if…”
4.) How many years did our Civil War last ?(give the years).
5.) Study these Civil War Graphs. Pick one and write a 1-sentence summary of the data you see. Be sure to compare North and South and write one equation based on the graph you choose.


Warmup Prompts Week of April 14

Here are this week’s Warmups. Have a great week!
Week of April 14th

1.) This is tax week. List at least 10 things (not people, just things) that you find taxing.
2.) Not everything we buy has a tax on it. Find and key what items are nontaxable and what items usually are.
3.) This is a week where finding something free would be nice. Find the free throw stats on a basketball player, NBA, WNBA, college, high school. Name the player, list the free throw statistic and then find the probability that the player will make the next 3 free throws attempted.
4.) Find what year Americans began paying taxes. Key the words in the acronym IRS. Do other countries pay taxes too? List at least four country names and the link from your research.
5.) Tax week is over! YAY! But some people did not pay on time. They procrastinated. Find and key the definition of procrastination. What kinds of situations cause you to procrastinate?


Warmup Prompts Week of April 7

oopslady.jpg  Here are this week’s Warmup Prompts. Have a great week!

Week of April 7

1.) Key at 4 things that are great about the month of April
2.) Compute how many days are left until the end of our school year.
3.) Read a story @ Happy News Summarize using one sentence
4.) Create, Compute, Key 4 math problems using only the number
5.) Search to Find a map from your home to your school. Give the link

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