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The 30-minute meeting

Meetings that stay on task, on target, and on time are not the stuff of legend or fantasy.

30-minute meetings can be a reality. Click here for more information

Also, Jan O’Neill has a great article on the 30-minute meeting. Search for the link and read all about it.


Layers in the Summer

Watching the Weather Channel tonight, I saw a sea of red across the U.S. indicating hot, hot, HOT temps. Definitely not sweater-weather! The only layers I want to see are in my curriculum, specifically in a layered-approach curriculum.

Layered Curriculum Unit Example: (scroll to page 10) Click here.

For a link to one teacher’s practical implementation of a layered curriculum. Click here.

For a blank document form for you to use to create your own layered curriculum units. Click here

The layered curriculum concept is the original work of Kathy Nunley. For her website click here.


Data Driven Decision Making

Session Journal Prompt: Viewing, interpreting, and using data will help me….


While You Were Teaching…4OOPS EduTech News Feed

The kids need you and the web keeps marching on…not to worry, 4OOPS’ EduTech news Feed has these top stories of interest to educators:

June 11, 2008 From Education Week: Teachers Achieving ‘Highly Qualified’ Status on the Rise

June 5, 2008 From Science Daily: Gaze aversion helps educators understand the educational progress of students.  

June 5, 2008 From Edweek: States Notch Slow, Steady Progress Toward Consistent Graduation Goals

June From Scott MacLoad’s blog: “…they continue to think about using data from a compliance mindset rather than using data for meaningful school improvement.”

May From eSchoolnews: Researchers Identify Key Ed-tech Trends



Best Assessment Equation: Rubrics + Technology Tools

“Rubrics make the students’ lives much easier, but once written, they make the teacher’s life easier, too,” says Dr. Lena Nuccio-Lee, Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at the University of New Orleans. See the complete story here. Technology tools online also enable us to customize assessment for student groups. Does Timmy need to concentrate on writing complete sentences? Does Simone struggle with spelling? Has you been working with Stan on word attack skills? Insert specific criteria into your rubric to help individual learners.

How-to Resource: How to Write a Rubric

Technology Rubric Resources:
Landmark Project:
Rubrics for Projects:
PBL Checklists:
Rubric Links:


While You Were Teaching…4OOPSs EduTech News Feed

The kids need you and the web keeps marching on…not to worry, 4OOPS’ EduTech news Feed has these top stories of interest to educators:

May 29 From Edutopia: Readers’s Reveal Education’s Best http://www.edutopia.org/readers-survey-2008 

May 29  From ASCD Maryland school first in state to attain 100% proficiency
Every third- and fourth-grader at one Maryland elementary school passed the state’s standardized math and reading tests last year, the first full-sized school to do so. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/27/AR2008052703151.html

May 20 From ASCD Will proposed federal funding shift threaten career tech programs?
A recent Bush administration proposal could redirect billions in federal funding intended for high-school career and technical education into NCLB mandate. The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)

May 21: From Freakanomics: The largest traceable correlation between a child’s ability in school and his home life are the number of books a family has in their home. Quoted in http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/21/olpc-20-a-striking-ebook-and-a-step-in-the-right-direction/

May 21: David Cook, the new American Idol wins by 12 million votes, over    million votes cast
This compares to 126 million who voted in the 2004 election www.census.gov/prod/2006pubs/p20-556.pdf and 111 million in the 2000 election  www.census.gov/prod/2002pubs/p20-542.pdf

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