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Back-to-School Learning Apps


App recommendations from TCEA

As you prepare for back-to school investigate these learning apps from TCEA’s blog post by Dr. Bruce Ellis at this link


Is Snapchat Linked to Learning Opportunities?

Recent headlines reference Snapchat, a 2011 multimedia messaging app created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown:

Snapchat Wednesday introduced a new type of augmented-reality-enhanced interactive lens, Snappables, calling them the first shared AR experiences on the messaging application. (Adweek)

Also Wednesday, Snap’s stock tanked a day after the company acknowledged it’s testing a redesign of the Snapchat redesign. (Deadline)

Is there a way(s) to include Snapchat as a Mobile tech affordance in classroom, online, hybrid instruction? 


New Favorite App – Clio Shows History Where You Are


New York Times Affordable Student Rates

The New York Times is cheaper than ever for college students. The Times is now offering new student subscribers a $1 a week digital package, which grants full access to NYTimes.com and its apps.

Any student who is interested needs to sign up using a valid school email address and their  graduation year.



Information Source: Fishbowl

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Evernote Now Lets Users Create eBooks

News From GalleyCat: Evernote Now Lets Users Create eBooks
The popular note taking app Evernote has a new feature that lets users produce an eBook or PDF directly from the app. The new tool comes as part of an integration with self-publishing platform FastPencil. Users can publish a group of notes from Evernote or their entire notebook by importing the pages into FastPencil’s self-publishing platform from within the Evernote app.


My Favorite Acronym/SMS Text 3

My Favorite Acronym/Chat Text #3—TLDR— means “Too Long, Didn’t Read.”

Alternative Rendering: TL;DR

Etymology: Academia and 17th century France —

I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it short

— Blaise Pascal

Used in Sentence: “tl;dr…why don’t you give up on your unabridged edition of War and Peace or at least stop posting it here?”

Synonyms: wordiness, thought-terminating cliché, {{Very long}}

Antonyms: concise, brief, succinct


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My Favorite Acronym/SMS Text 2

Today’s Favorite Translexical Phonological Abbreviation (#2)—SMH— means “Shaking My Head”

Part of Speech: Interjection, Exclamation

Etymology: 1979 –

Used in Sentence:
Friend 1: i got a headache…i hit myself in the head with my knee while trying to do situps.
Friend 2: smh

Synonyms: disbelief, disapproval, too dumb for words, I’m with stupid,

Antonyms: wise choice, wise move


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My Favorite Acronym/SMS Chat (#1)

A new feature here on Tech Tricks: Favorite acronyms from SMS language, or Translexical Phonological Abbreviation to be long. SMS is a type of language (some say dialect) found in text messaging, internet chat, social media, and even casual speech. It uses abbreviations similar to that used in sending telegraphs and morse code. What distinguishes it as a dialect is that it is popping up in spoken conversations as a sort of abbreviate speech pattern.This follows from how

Today’s Favorite Translexical Phonological Abbreviation (#1)—TBH— means “To Be Honest”

Part of Speech: Interjection, Exclamation

Etymology: 1979 –early SMS permitted only 160 characters and some carriers charge messages by the number of characters sent

Used in Sentence:
TBH, the best way to get to Denver from Dallas is to avoid walking and take a flight.

Synonyms: IMO-In My Opinion, IMHO-In My Humble Opinion

Antonyms: listen to me,


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New App Combines Two Images Adds Shaping

Union ($1.99) by Pixite LLC is the latest photography app from the makers of Tangent and Fragment. If you’re a fan of superimposing images on top of other images, then Union was made for you. Learn more at this post



Invite Calvin and Hobbes for the weekend

Go Comics has the complete Calvin and Hobbes archive. Read the comic strip online this weekend (and for everyday thereafter) Read the strip online or download the mobile app. There’s a C&H documentary premiering on November 15.

On New Year’s Eve, 1995 artist Bill Watterson decided to end the beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip he created. He avoided licensing his creations to toy makers or movie makers.


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