Success Markers for Summer Term Online Courses with Canvas LMS

Here are five success markers to give a great start to your summer term with Canvas LMS:

  1. Check that the Start/End dates are accurate for your course
  2. Publish your Syllabus for students to read, print, and retain
  3. Post a Welcome message (text or video or audio)
  4. Check that any links in your course are working
  5. Set your notification preferences (optional but frequently asked)–Link:
  6. Be sure that your course is “Published”–Link:

Here are 5 essential elements to include in any online course using Canvas LMS*:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Modules of Content
  3. Working hyperlinks within your Course
  4. Syllabus, including outcomes and objectives
  5. Professor contact information



*also a good idea for other online course LMS too!

This post written by Helen Teague and reposted at this link:

Dept of Online Education Reminders for May Term faculty