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The 6th International Sympsoum on Creative Education organized by CCE Finland! 

November 12- 16, 2018 is the week of the 6th International Sympsoum on Creative Education organized by CCE Finland!

CCE welcomes the educators, teachers and education strategists from across the globe! Here is more information from the Symposium organizers: 
Finland is known for its creative learning practices and its educational quality. One of the secrets behind the same is the open and collaborative environment. All will agree that – the quality of any educational conference is directly proportional to the possibility of free and open communication within participants. CCE is always in forefront of using state-of-art ICT tools to promote idea sharing, collaboration, and communication. During 5 Days of the Sympsoium – all the educators shall interact and share their views on various aspects of education. In order to have an open and fruitful communication, CCE is recommending to use a collaborative platform with Google – Classroom.
The tool is pretty simple and its similar to Google+ experience with additional features of Learning Management System and documents sharing.Why use the Google Classroom environment?
1. Safe and Secure – No Public interface
2. Designed for Collaborative approach
3. A specially designed plug-in for paper submissions and editing
4. Easy Documents sharing

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U.S. Veteran’s Day – November 11

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