Love of the Link: Amazon Collaborative Wishlists

Love of the Link” is a new 2019 feature that spotlights a powerhouse website with at least three interactive features:

  1. Timely Content
  2. {Free} Resources for Educators
  3. Research-based best practice focus

Although “Love of the Link” is a new feature to this blog, the resources may be tried-and-true, legacy portals online.

This month’s Love of the Link addresses a feature on a website you probably visit everyday.

Well, at least 6566767 million people visit everyday. Did you know that you can set up collaborative Wishlists on the Amazon website? Amazon began these little digital gems in summer, 2018.

Collaborative Wishlists offer a group planning feature for educational teams, schools, school activities, sports teams gear, and district grant offices. With personalized Wishlists any invited group member can save a product (i.e. ergonomic chair) or classroom resource (i.e. STEAM Education book). Lists can be designated as “Public” or “Private.”

How To’s at this short video:

Steps to make a Collaborative List:
1. Hover over ‘Accounts & Lists’ near the right corner of the screen on a desktop. T
2. Next, select ‘Your Lists’ and create a Shopping List, Wish List, or Idea List.
3. Invite Users who can immediately view the list it if they’re already signed into an Amazon account.
4. If Users are not signed in to Amazon, they will be prompted to sign in or create an account.T
5. To add others to a list, click the Invite button.
6. Alternately, Users can either copy the link or send it to others using email, text message and apps like Facebook or Twitter.


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