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Micro-Skill Collaborative Teams: *Peace-filled Team Possibilities *

Dr. Helen Teague’s GPLEC Session- Peace at the Center: 10 Peaceful Leadership Tips You are Already Doing… & 10 More to Try!  


Micro-Skill Collaborative Teams: *Peace-filled Team Possibilities *

Your Ideas First: 


A-Z Additional Ideas:

  1. Peace Acronym Team
  2. Peace Announcement Team
  3. Peace Bible verse Team
  4. Peaceful Bible Hero Team
  5. Peace Bingo Team
  6. Peace Book Group Study Team
  7. Peace Bulletin Board Team
  8. Peaceful Cheer Team
  9. Peaceful Conversation Team
  10. Peaceful Dialogue Team
  11. Peace Garden Team: peace lily seeds, white peace rose, lavender, hyacinth, violets, a
  12. Peace Geocaching Team: find objects hidden through location coordinates
  13. Peaceful Greeting Team 
  14. Peace and Health Team
  15. Peace Journal Team
  16. Peace Mural Team
  17. Peace Photography Team for “Peace Snaps” 
  18. Peace Playlist Team
  19. Peace Poster Team
  20. Peaceful Post-it Team
  21. Peace PSA Team
  22. Peace Quote Team
  23. Peace Recipe Team (What’s your recipe for peace?) Peace Cookies
  24. Peace Research Results Team
  25. Peace Scavenger Hunt Team
  26. Peaceful Steps Team
  27. Peace Synonym Team (words to describe what peace is) / Peace Antonym Team (words to describe what peace is not)
  28. Peace Tweets Team
  29. Peace Word Cloud Team


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