1:1 student-to-computer access

connected Steve Young, CTO of Judson, Texas ISD writes, “There are many schools that have either piloted or implemented 1:1 student-to-computer initiatives. These are nothing new. The success of these programs, much like other education initiatives, has varied. Most technology and curriculum leaders now recognize that there is much more to student and school success than just putting a computer in the hands of a student and getting instant miracle results.   Just as a new hammer will not help a bad carpenter build a better house, a computer in the hands of a student will not turn the tide in the midst of bad teaching or ineffective school leadership. But there is now fairly convincing evidence that properly implemented 1:1 computing is a contributing factor to school success, as evidenced in the rather convincing results from the Project Red studyISTE has published a book about this report called Revolutionizing Education through Technology. A free electronic edition of the book is available at ISTE site. I highly recommend that any superintendents, curriculum leaders, instructional technology directors or anyone else seriously looking at 1:1 programs read this book and consider all that it takes beyond a device to make 1:1 really succeed.”


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