The number of texts we text

Henry Jenkins writes in his book Convergence Culture that there was a push during American Idol, for fans to cast their votes using text message. Jenkins cites a 2003 study which discovered that some fans placed their very  first text message when they texted their American Idol votes.

During some recent channel surfing, I paused on another reality TV  series. In this series, the dad was incredulous that his daughter had  sent over 9000 texts in the previous month. It appears that in the  intervening ten years since the American Idol first texters that text messaging has grown in a rate surpassing Moore’s law!

I asked 7 incredibly brilliant people how many texts they send every month. I collected the data and created the graph below using the Create-a-Graph website.

number of texts

So, how would you reply to the question of how many  texts you send? Do you send 100 texts a month? 200? 1000? 2000? Just a  number is fine. Looking forward to seeing the numbers!

Thanks, brilliant friends!


Book Source:

Jenkins, Henry (2008). Convergence Culture where old and new media collide. New York University Press.