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Holiday Book Recommendation

The Pajama Elves

pajama elvesThe Pajama Elves is the magical tale of elves at the North Pole who sew pajamas for good girls and boys. These pajamas are stitched with a magical thread that will guarantee a good night’s sleep on Christmas Eve, and give Santa an opportunity to visit without being spotted.

It is a fun tradition that helps children cope with the anticipation of the arrival of Christmas morning, while offering parents an opportunity to coordinate pajamas for lovely Christmas morning photos.  The best thing about this tradition is that even long-distance relatives and parents who are not able to be with their children full-time can participate in it.

Paired with your favorite holiday pajamas, the book makes a wonderful gift – especially for new parents  looking to create lasting family traditions.

View Pajama Elves by clicking here…also, available in Kindle format


Weekend Ed. Quote~November 24


“We see how technology-supported networks create connective tissue that allow people to collaborate and learn together directly, so that organizations and individuals can work together in new ways. These networks are increasingly taking root in and transforming many of our ways of interacting, from fundraising, to health, to energy, to learning.” ~Francesca Kaplan Grossman and Amy Lloyd,  Harvard Graduate School of Education


Happy Birthday Windows 1.0

Microsoft Windows version 1.0 was released on this date (November 20)  in 1985. Bill Gates and Paul Allen had developed an operating system that they called “MS-DOS,” which stood for Microsoft Disk Operating System. It shipped in IBM computers beginning in 1981. But it wasn’t intuitive; users had to memorize a string of commands and get comfortable with the “backslash” key, something most people had never taken any notice of. Microsoft designers began working on a more user-friendly operating system, code name Interface Manager, the following year, and by 1983, they announced that “Windows” was in development. People were skeptical, calling it “vaporware.” Two years later, the first Windows-equipped computers shipped. The original press release promises that “Windows lets users integrate the tasks they perform with their computer by providing the ability to work with several programs at the same time and easily switch between them without having to quit and restart individual applications. In addition, it provides a rich foundation for a new generation of applications.” From The Writer’s Almanac


Making Math Meaningful with Core Resources from PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a free digital media resource designed to support curriculum-based teaching and learning from for Pre-K through 12th grade. The service offers video clips, audio recordings, photographs, interactive games, primary source documents, and more. For access to PBS LearningMedia’s library, register today – it’s free!

Math is most meaningful when it’s connected to everyday experiences that resonate with your students. Use this collection of interactive games, video clips, and lesson plans to reinforce the role math plays in real world situations.

Job Play: Pharmacist Grades 3-5 | Interactive Game | Word Problems + Multiplication Students step into the role of the pharmacist to make important math-based decisions and correctly dispense prescription drugs to their patients. Use this interactive with your students to practice word problems and multiplication.

Add This: Using Recipes for Fractions Grades 4-7 | Lesson Plan + Video | Fractions What do fractions have to do with cupcakes? Let your students uncover the connection with this lesson plan that challenges them to double a cupcake recipe, multiply fractions, and work with mixed numbers.

Dunk Tank: Area of Squares & Rectangles Grades 6 | Interactive Game | Area of Squares and Rectangles For a lively math moment, challenge your students to determine the area of squares and rectangles and discover how to calculate the area of composite shapes in this exciting game show activity.

BONUS: ¡Arte y Más! Count with Me Grades PreK-3 | Video | Speaking and Listening in Spanish Join Señora Alicia as she shares her bolsa de sorpresas with the students and teaches them to count to 10 in Spanish!





Weekend Educational Quote~November 17

they may forget what you said

From Doodle Bugs Teaching

From this blog post and striking printable, “They May Forget…”, by Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.



National Young Reader’s Day

National Young Reader's DayToday is National Young Reader’s day. What was your favorite book when you were a child?

The Velveteen Rabbit? The Giving Tree? The Little Engine That Could? Or Winnie the Pooh. (I purchased my latest copy at the New York Public Library during Book Expo America last year)

There are so many it’s difficult to choose.

What is yours?


Save the Date~Digital Learning Day


Digital Learning Day 2013 Mark Your Calendars for the second Digital Learning Day on February 6, 2013. The Digital Learning Day website features ideas about how K-12 students, parents, teachers, administrators, and others can participate at www.digitallearningday.org/participate/.


Weekend Ed. Quote~November 10

direct own learning

The real transformation occurs when we give students access to robust learning technologies and then get out of their way as much as possible, giving them the power and permission to Direct their own learning. ~Scott McLeod in this post


How School Initiatives Fared in the Election

Election Day in the United States featured many initiatives and propositions that directly affect public education. A friend from high school days campaigned for the better part of 2011 and 2012 against ballot initiatives in Idaho.  Education funding fell in more than half the states this year, and 35 are still spending at levels lower than before the recession, after adjusting for inflation.

Here is a synopsis from Kevin Hogan:

Yes, there has been news beyond the East Coast storms and the President’s re-election. Sometimes the most telling trends in edtech come from local coverage of election day: The news wasn’t good for proponent of a bond referendum in Osseo Area School District. The failed levy had asked for $5 million-per-year for 10 years to go toward classroom equipment, curriculum materials, staff training, and infrastructure. Voters in Southwest Valley school districts in Arizona also rejected funding requests for both new facilities and new technologies. It’s not all bad news however. Voters in Hudson, OH school district approved a 5-year, 1.5-mill permanent improvement fund levy renewal, on Election Day, with about 66 percent in favor. Dorchester, MA voters also endorsed a $179 million bond referendum that will help build new schools and maintain existing schools.  from the blog comments of Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director for Tech & Learning News


Tech BFF: Ten Marks Math

tenmarksmath logo BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

On first glance, Ten Marks Math displays the four words needed for success in all classroom mathematics:

 Practice  Instruction   Assessment   Intervention

For many years, mathematics was thought of and taught as a series of isolated topics. Students in elementary and middle grades learned number concepts and skills, geometry concepts, and measurement skills. A growing sense of “I’m not good in math” accompanied these isolated content forays. There was little discussion of the relationship among these topics, and little, if any, discussion of connections to the world outside the classroom. Ten Marks Math provides connection points for students and ease of lesson planning for teachers.

Teachers may sign-up for a free account through the end of the school year. Ten Marks Math has two exceptionally appealing time-saving features that I like:

1. Save Time — Assigning Work: The entire assignment process  is condensed to 30 seconds. Pick a chapter and topic(s). Each student gets a slightly different assignment.

2. Save Time — Re-Explaining to Students: Hints and video lessons help students refresh what they know, and learn what they don’t at their own pace. Results display for teachers.

Ten Marks Math layered concept approach adheres seamlessly to the Common Core Standards. The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics represent a connected set of expectations for student knowledge and skills that will lead to successful placement in college and careers.

Teague Note: I received no compensation or incentive to name Ten Marks Math a Tech BFF.


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