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Using Google Voice in Your Classroom

Bill Price’s blog post and video guides teachers through the set up and use of a Google Voice account for the purpose of collecting spoken homework, such as for a language class. The focus of this entry is not to give an exhaustive list of all the contexts and ways in which Google Voice can be used in education; rather, my goal is to walk you through the steps of setting up an account and collecting your first round of homework.

Really helpful is the concisely written, step-by-step process notes given by Price.



Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

February 25, 2013: Today would have been the 58th birthday of Steve Jobs.

He co-founded Apple Computers, and in a commercial during the Super Bowl in January 1984 he unveiled the Macintosh. The commercial was filled with allusions to George Orwell’s 1984. The Macintosh was the first small computer to catch on with the public that used a graphical user interface, or GUI (sometimes pronounced “gooey”). In the past, computers were run by text-based interfaces, which meant that a person had to type in textual commands or text labels to navigate their computers. But with a graphical user interface, people could simply click on icons instead of typing in hard-to-remember, precise text commands. He said his goal in computers was to “create a bicycle for the mind.”

The graphic user interface revolutionized computers, and it’s on almost all computers today. It’s on a whole lot of other devices as well, like fancy vending machines and digital household appliances and photocopying machines and airport check-in kiosks. And graphical user interface is what’s used with iPods and iPhones. The Writer’s Almanac

If you are reading this post on a laptop, iPad, iPhone, or other computer, thank Steve Jobs.


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A President’s Day KWL

Happy President's Day


What a wonderful website with innovative ideas from Sallie Borrink!

President’s Day KWL


How I Survived a Teacher Evaluation

How I Survived a Teacher Evaluation by Andrea Brixey is a wonderfully frank and concise observation of the daily life of a dedicated teacher. It says a lot in a little space about the challenges of having to be “always on” in a variety of demanding audiences with a variety of constraints: adminstration, academic rigor, classroom management, parents, students, relevance, connection, and self. This teacher’s ability to keep moving and adapting speaks well for her students and the school in which she serves.



21st Century Critical Literacy Slideshare


Weekend Ed. Quote~February 9

The personal computer is used to amplify human potential. It is an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression that allows each child to not only learn what we’ve always taught, perhaps with greater efficacy, efficiency or comprehension. The computer makes it possible for students to learn and do in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. – Gary Stager via Scott McLeod  (see link)



Digital Learning Day


Digital Learning Day 2013 Mark Your Calendars for the second Digital Learning Day tomorrow,  February 6, 2013. The Digital Learning Day website features ideas about how K-12 students, parents, teachers, administrators, and others can participate at www.digitallearningday.org/participate/.


Your Brain Can Remember a Blog Post Better Than a Novel – GalleyCat

If novels have become the crock-pot cooking of reading, then another helping please!

book page floating


New Research Claims Your Brain Can Remember a Blog Post Better Than a Novel – From GalleyCat

“It might be easier for your brain to remember this post than it is to recall details from a perfectly composed novel. In a new paper in the Memory & Cognition Journal, researchers discovered that “mind-ready” and casual formats like blog posts, Facebook status updates or Twitter writings might be easier for your brain to remember. These are powerful lessons for writers to learn about connecting with readers.”

Click here to read full story


Weekend Ed. Quote~Pep Talk from Kid President

“We were made to be awesome!”

“You’ve just been Pep-talked!”

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