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Affording the Issues of Aging Using Kotter’s Steps for Leading Change

Kotter's Change Theory

John Kotter’s 8 Steps for Leading Change offers one approach to facilitate implementation of Communitarian Patient Advocacy in affording the costs of an aging population. Kotter’s approach includes leveraging momentum, aligning all processes, structure, centers of influence, technology, and funding to ensure the policy reaches the target audience. Specifically Kotter’s model creates a sense of urgency, with a guiding coalition to develop and communicate the vision. Completing Kotter’s model, empowerment of change agents with increase the coalition, remove barriers and generate short-term wins. These short-term wins will help model that the new policy is a better option. Then the policy can permeate into culture.

New approaches usually sink into policy only after it’s very clear that they work and are superior to the old methods. It is at  this time that new policies must remain aligned to the original vision.

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