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Canvas Shout-outs are short, monthly spotlight acknowledgements of the best practices of theenhanced Community of Inquiry framework in action.

 Canvas Notification Mini-vid for Students: Shoutout to Dr. Lindsay Edwards!



What: May’s Canvas Shout-out
Who: May’s Canvas Shoutout goes to Dr. Lindsay Edwards, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Health and Recreation
College of Human Sciences & Educational Studies
411: Dr. Edwards anticipated that her summer term students might need additional supports to stay connected and on-task during the dry, West Texas summer months. She created a short video mini-tutorial on setting up notifications for Canvas messages. Click on the photo to play the video (please ignore the slight echo)

00:00 – 02:09

Dr. Edwards’ gave permission to display the link for the video so you can share with your students too!


Post by Helen Teague reposted at https://hsutxonlineed.edublogs.org/2018/05/16/canvas-shoutout/

Canvas Megaphone image created by Sarah H.

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