Back to School with Instructions for VoiceThread – 9 Short & Sweet Steps

VoiceThread is a collaborative caldron combining text, video, personalized comments, audio, and images. Participating in a VoiceThread conversation is free, with registration. Used in a classroom near you, here are 9 short and sweet steps to create your next voice thread.

Instructions for Uploading Your VoiceThread

  1. Create and save a file presentation: (.ppt), .docx, or .jpg
  2. Go to and sign-in
  3. Select “Create” in the upper left of the screen
  4. Upload your PowerPoint presentation by clicking on “Add Media”>”My Computer”>”Navigate” to find you file.
  5. Allow the presentations to upload to VoiceThread
  6. Return to VoiceThread “Home” screen and click on presentation.
  7. When presentation opens, click on the “+” in the bottom center of the screen.
  8. Choose the microphone icon to record your audio.
  9. Make your audio presentation of your resource. Use the arrows on the left to advance your slides.

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