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CCE Finland: Panel Discussion and Twitter Chat on Assessment Part 2

CCE Finland: Panel Discussion and Twitter Chat on Assessment

Yesterday, I participated in a panel discussion at CCE Finland. #CCEFinland
The panel discussion addressed assessment. For my pre-panel post from yesterday, click here


L-R: Helen Teague, Craig Verdal-Austin from Capetown, South Africa, Harun Bozna from Turkey, Heramb Kulkarni from Finland

Here are my Top Ten Key Take-aways and my post-panel reflections:

1.) Every one of the 17 countries in attendance struggled with the concept of assessment.
(2.) When the topic of assessment is mentioned, most folks jump to the “summative” aspect when really there are at least 7 additional types of assessment.
(3.) In many countries, according to attendees, it is parents who are driving the standardized scoring. They want to know their child’s percentile number from the test and assign a heavy value on this numeral. IMHO: students feel this as pressure and not evidence of caring.
(4.) I advocate that there are five necessary forms of assessment, well really 6 forms of assessment that form a holistic representation of student learning.
(5.) Most testing /student assessment around the globe involves regurgitation of facts at lowest level of Blooms and with no inclusion of Krathwohl.
(6.) The push for Teacher assessment is gaining momentum (again) (but I question its overall value).
(7.) My recommendation is to teach the language of the test – this is not teaching to the test is it decoding and deciphering.
(8.) Most of what students are tested over is not rememberd by the students after the test.
(9.) Experiential learning and storytelling is a hook that helps memory
(10.) Educators are very interested in helping students achieve their very best learning snapshot through assessment.

Assessment Word Cloud by Teague

Assessment Word Cloud by Teague












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