Leaping Towards Leap Day ~ 2024

Leap Day

Do you know any Leaplings? That is a word to describe folks born on Leap Day.

Leap Day has become a fun and unique day that only revolves around every four years. 

Once every four years, people born on Feb. 29 actually get to celebrate their birthday.  Leap day and Leap Year is when an extra day is added every fourth year to help fix the problem that while our calendar year is 365 days, the solar year — the amount of time it takes the Earth to circle the sun — is 365.24219 days.

Leap Day was even the subject of a super funny episode of Frasier, during a Leap Year episode in 1996. In this episode, “Look Before You Leap,” Dr. Frazier Crane encourages his family and friends to Leap into a daring new practice in honor of Leap Day. 

When Frasier’s turn came to sing an aria at the PBS telethon, he choked! We pass around various versions of this excerpt in the faculty forums at our school.  Thought you might get a smile out of this one If you can find the Frasier episode (Season 3/Episode 16) that features Leap Day, it is fun to watch! 

Here’s a fun Leap Day math quiz that you may want to take and then share with your students! 


Happy Leap Day!



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