Interactive eBook available called Creatures, Plants and More!

Teacher Andrea Santini and her 7th grade class just published Creatures, Plants and More!

Creatures, Plants and More! is one of the first interactive books that includes student work.  It is only available for the iPad and is a free download at iTunes.  Andrea writes, “If you like it, please pass it on!”

Book Description: Creatures, Plants and More is an interactive field guide of Northwest Florida.  The stories and photos are a collection of what students  from Woodlawn Beach Middle School have compiled for everyone to enjoy.  If you are interested in visiting Florida’s Best Kept Secret, look no further, the answer lies within the pages of this book!

Ms. Santini asked students to create their pages and submit them through a flash drive, since not all students had iPads or other technology available. She then entered their work, videos and pictures using iBook Author.

Ms. Santini writes, “If you like the book, please review it and pass it on.  My kids love finding out how many downloads they have every day and what countries have downloaded it.  They also love reading the reviews.”

What a great Flipped Classroom project of Real Work for Real Audiences…Get the book Creatures, Plants and More  here

creatures book screenshot

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