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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ November 12

“While it is critical that all children receive the support necessary to read at least at grade level, students who have achieved this goal must be challenged  to continue developing advanced proficiencies. We would be remiss if we failed to make appropriate provisions to at-risk readers. We are equally remiss if we do not offer appropriate instructional differences that respond to the needs of gifted learners” ~ Dr. Bertie Kingore, 2002, p. 12







Kingore, B. (2002). Reading instruction for the primary gifted learner. Understanding Our Gifted, 12–15.


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OOPS Portfolio Page Updated

Friday, I received an email from an online facilitator with PBS TeacherLine alerting me to a dead link on my Portfolio Links page on the OOPS website (http://4oops.com). I also added a QR code for easier retrieval.

portfolio page QR code by teague

As I began to research and add new links and delete dead 404’s, I thought back to the changes that portfolios have experienced in the two decades since their inception.

One of the earliest and still current pioneers is Ted Nellen and his Cyber English class. I hope you will take a look at the impressive catalog of work that Mr. Nellen has inspired in his students.

Gone are the days of the hyperstudio stack portfolios. EssDack used to have awesome samples from students who would now be students in college, but they have discontinued those links.

There seems to be a casual adherence to the portfolio concept. Just as we can’t name it “rigor” just because we test it, we can’t call it a “portfolio” just because we upload student work to the internet. The best definition for portfolios remains the one I learned from Dr. Bertie Kingore:

A portfolio is a collection of a student’s work that shows progress and concept mastery over time.

portfolio pg pic Teague

If you would like a like considered for inclusion on this webpage, please email me.




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