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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ September 15

On the importance of a campus Professional Learning Community

“A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a group of teachers or a cohort within a school that ‘ …exists to bring about some innovation and change directly related to improving learner outcomes’ (Harris & Jones, 2015, 15). PLCs can provide the environment for teachers to hear colleagues’ experiences, insights, and ideas, creating a school culture focused on collective growth.

Research from Ireland indicates that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) should encourage teachers to share and learn alongside one another (Harford Citation2010), supporting the inclusion of PLCs at all schools. PLCs support a school culture in which the values and beliefs of teachers are shared in a trusting environment helping to develop growth in the school.” ~ Porcenaluk, O’Neachtain, & Connolly, (2023) in Reimagining a framework for teachers’ continuous professional development during curriculum reform.



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Teachings in Education ( Frank Avella), (2019). Professional Learning Communities: PLCs. YouTube. https://youtu.be/r–tAcsrI48?feature=shared



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Peaceful Leadership Practices Conference Session~ Opening Warm-Up video

Peaceful Leadership Practices ~ Opening, Warm-Up video


Vid eo Link: https://animoto.com/play/nloxRK1nRPyruzMMydzOaQ








Video assembled by Helen Teague using Animoto

“Absurd Love” and “I’m just a human being” visuals from Montague Workshop.

Deer, Ireland, woodland trails visuals and outer banks video personal shares

Colorado trails images courtesy of Janet Zepeda

Seattle street visual courtesy of Dr. Antha Holt

Skateboard singer video found on Instagram

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