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My Summer Kindle Shelf: July

Moving my summer reading list to Kindle since the upcoming trip to India requires origami-style packing skills.

Here is my Kindle list so far… with 20+ hour fight(s) and also layovers, looks like I’ll also be using the Kindle Cloud Offline Reading feature.

Teague Kindle Shelf

Resources abound for #CurieMeetsCassatt –Read more posts at this link

What’s on Your Kindle Shelf?


eReader Comparison Chart

It is quite a challenge to find and purchase the best eReader for students and faculty. Durability and ease of use are criteria but paramount is cost: cost effectiveness, cost to benefit ration, and cost without up-charges that pummel the budget bottom line.

Miguel Guhlin at Around the Corner has practical and sagacious advice based on a commitment to economy and performance. His post called Revisiting eReaders in Schools has important information and something truly essential: Miguel provides a cost/specification/use comparison chart that can be easily downloaded and included in grant proposals and budget requests. Click here to see the chart and Miguel’s comments.

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