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Summer To-Do List~join a book club

Summer To-Do List: Join the Summer Reading Clubs @ Your Library!

It’s officially summer and libraries across the country have summer reading clubs, groups, ‘fests, and promotions. . Reading clubs are usually divided by age: (up to Grade 5), the Teen Reading Club (Grades 6-12), and the Adult Reading Club (Ages 18+) and by genre. There’s something for everyone this summer, and often you’ll have the chance to earn prizes for continuing to read during the summer break.

Not interested in dead tree reading? Go online and join a reading group. Goodreads has many, many, many engaging and welcoming reading clubs. I’ve blogged about the one I’m in and it is the best one!!

Don’t pass up on all of the great activities because, whatever you do, don’t be caught not being a part of our club!

books in rows


Weekend Ed. Quote~July 13



Powells picture of tranquility


Additional Weekend Ed. Quotes


Weekend Ed. Quote~June 29

Anyone who thinks this world is without magic, hasn’t been to a library. ~Amy Dominy

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New Library Releases Podcast

Take a listen at this week’s latest releases in books and DVD releases coming out today that you can look for at your local public libraries.  Tremain Jackson tells you what titles to be on the lookout for so you can see about checking them out for yourselves as they’re sure to be popular with patrons.



Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Lists from Reading Rockets:


Make a goal to read one book this summer, whose plot or main points you can share with your students in the fall.

Also, set a goal to obtain your own Library Card and a Library Card for your children.

library card


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