Weekend Ed. Quote ~ January 19 2024

“Language is not used in isolation. Language changes context to context. Without the information of the domain where it is to be used, medium and relationship with the correspondent, we cannot choose the right style of the language usage.” The Halliday (2009) model of functional language defines three key factors that determine the right style of the language: Field (topic of the context), Tenor (role and relationship of communicators), and Mode (medium of communication).” ~J. Verma, 2023




“Context of the language can be formal or informal with three key factors: field, tenor, and mode. A user must make a choice about the right tone whether it should be formal or informal or neutral tone to make writing effective.” ~J. Verma, 2023







Halliday, M. A. (2009). Methods–techniques–problems. Continuum companion to systemic functional linguistics, 59-86.

Verma, J. (2023). Setting the right tone in formal writing. International Journal of English: Literature, Language & Skills (12)3. 55-60.



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