Innovative Finnish-American research collaboration early 2013 a collaboration between Finnish and American education researchers took a step forward as Science Across Virtual Institutes was formally launched. Called SAVI for short, Science Across Virtual Institutes brings together sixteen research groups. Each of the eight groups from Finland partners with a group from the US forming eight teams.

“In SAVI education experts from Finland and the USA work together with the aim of improving student engagement in STEM,” summarizes professor Jari Multisilta, who heads the Finnish side of the collaboration. The SAVI program is funded by both Finnish and American sources: the Academy of Finland, Tekes (the Finnish Agency for Technology and Innovation) and the US National Science Foundation. Multisilta believes that motivation for both researchers and supporters stems from a general concern: “Policy makers are becoming more and more aware of the challenges linked to the low popularity of STEM subjects. In the future we will need an increasing number of skilled STEM experts to maintain and develop our societies and economies sustainably.”

The SAVI research teams specialize in different topics of learning innovations in science and mathematics:

  • WEPS Advancing an Online Project in the Assessment and Effective Teaching of Calculus
  • eTEXTBOOK Dynamic Digital Text: An Innovation in STEM Education Finland
  • EAGER Engagement in STEM learning and careers through the use of innovative learning activities
  • VIP Video Inquitry Project. STEM Learning and Teaching with Mobile Video Inquiries and Communities
  • FUN: Finland – US Network for the Study of Engagement and Learning in Games
  • GROMINDS Graphogame and MindStars Books: Global Cyber Tools for Improving Young Learner’s Reading Comprehension, Scientific Discourse and STEM Learning
  • PDE Studying & Supporting Productive Disciplinary Engagement In Demanding Stem Learning Environments Across Cultures And Settings
  • UNCODE – Uncovering Hidden Cognitive Demands on Global Learners

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