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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ January 4, 2019

For the first quote of the New Year, it is important to reaffirm important principles of Pedagogy First.


“It is very easy to get mesmerized by the latest app, gadget, device, or tech tool. In order to experience the full potential of educational technology, focus on the foundation first. Pedagogy trumps technology.

~ Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education






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Weekend Ed. Quote~February 15

books and pinwheels

. . . effective pedagogy is enhanced by context in which there is an engagement between thinking and feeling, at personal, interpersonal and intrapersonal levels. ~Roslyn Arnold


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Quote Source: Asking Better Questions. Norah Morgan and Juliana Saxton. 2006, page 33.


Bloom’s Pedagogy Wheel

Blooms pedagogy wheel

This graphic matches educational and popular apps with the Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs.

Great exercise to replicated with high school students to demonstrate integration of disparate elements/finding connections.

Read full article at this link

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