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Webquests 2.0

webquest.JPG   In my workshops with educators this week, I was asked to revisit a cognitive strategy from the creative mind of Bernie Dodge.

Webquests are the inquiry-oriented activity that transfer learning from teacher and textbook to students. My updated Handouts and Powerpoint retained the information, discarded old links, and included examples for customization.

One educator asked, “How do we make this available for students?” Her question required a better answer than, “make photocopies.” Her question implied online accessibility.

What better way than to integrate Web 2.0 interactivity into the Webquest strategy.

Two websites served this purpose well. Squidoo, is the perfect forum for webquest delivery and student social networking input.

Here is a sample for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

If the Squidoo site is blocked by your school filter, consider uploading your webquest to your Edublog as a separate page or using PageFlakes, my new website BFF. More about PageFlakes soon in an upcoming post.

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