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Drilling of seabed discovers ancient Antarctic rainforest 52 million years ago

Curriculum Resources:
Drilling of seabed discovers ancient Antarctic rainforest 52 million years ago     

Drilling of seabed discovers ancient Antarctic rainforest 52 million years ago | Thinking, Learning, and Laughing | Scoop.it

Drilling of the seabed off Antarctica has revealed that rainforest grew on the frozen continent 52 million years ago, scientists discovered, warning it could be ice-free again within decades. Read More by clicking here

Also check out this lens on Squidoo: Antarctica as an Inspiration for Possibilities? My Experience At Beardmore Glacier Camp


Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and found yourself doing something amazing?
Kathy did and she wrote about her adventure in this exciting lens on Squidoo.

Other posts from this blog on Squidoo.


Great Books For Ages 8-80

Great Books For Ages 8-80

This Squidoo lens is a  compilation of new and old favorites.

These are the kind of books you are supposed to go outside under a tree and read the entire day away, yessire, these books rock! In this lens your greatest wants will be yours, your life’s wish shall finally be fulfilled, and you will suddenly find yourself overwhelmingly popular! Well… Maybe not…. but I guarantee you will find a list filled to the brim with great choices of books for all ages (mainly teens though).

NOTE: Some Squidoo sites are blocked by school filters.


Webquests 2.0

webquest.JPG   In my workshops with educators this week, I was asked to revisit a cognitive strategy from the creative mind of Bernie Dodge.

Webquests are the inquiry-oriented activity that transfer learning from teacher and textbook to students. My updated Handouts and Powerpoint retained the information, discarded old links, and included examples for customization.

One educator asked, “How do we make this available for students?” Her question required a better answer than, “make photocopies.” Her question implied online accessibility.

What better way than to integrate Web 2.0 interactivity into the Webquest strategy.
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TCEA Teachers Soar as Squids!

“Squid” is the affectionate name for authors of Squidoo pages and that is just what Linda, Pam, Jennifer, Stephanie, Angie, Melissa, Ruth, Pam, Liu, and Barbara became in our “Squidoo for You” session at TCEA. See their great work and leave them an encouraging comment in the Guestbook: http://www.squidoo.com/tcea


P.S. Kicking yourself for missing out on the TCEA session? See 2-7-08’s post below and/and this link: http://www.squidoo.com/building-squidoo


Tech BFF: Squidoo for You? YES!

BFF is an acronym for “Best Friend Forever.” These websites and tips are so good that they will become your technology BFFs!

The The 5 W’s of Squidoo:

What is Squidoo? an interactive web-editor portal interface with lots of cool modules!

Where can you Squidoo? anywhere on any computer connected to the Internet

Who can Squidoo? You, me, another can become a “Squid.”

When can you Squidoo? Anytime and Anyplace because the Internet doesn’t close!

Why Squidoo? Because it reflects the interactivity and dynamic interplay with content that meets students cyberly where they like to learn best…and…it’s fun!

More on Why Squidoo???

Blogs are fun, but

May be blocked by school filters

Squidoos are fun and

Often not blocked
More interactive features
More options for cool add-ins

Check out these sample Squidoo’s:

Fall Leaves Squidoo (Example of a Virtual Field Trip): http://www.squidoo.com/leaves
Teaching Squidoo (Example of an Occupational Squidoo): http://www.squidoo.com/teacher
Reading (Example of a Course of Subject Squidoo): http://www.squidoo.com/reader
Summer Resources Squidoo (Example of an Extra-Curricular Squidoo): http://www.squidoo.com/summer
Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Squidoo (Example of a Unit Topic Squidoo): http://www.squidoo.com/msnd
Travel Squidoo (Example of a Hobby Squidoo): http://www.squidoo.com/helenteague

The Main Squidoo Page: http://www.squidoo.com/

What are some learning scenarios to consider? How can we use this in the classroom? With our students?

Here is the link to the powerpoint from our session. Great work, today!  🙂

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