Classroom Spring Clean Phase 1

My thoughts on cleaning are the polar opposite of my mother’s. At my mom’s house, the floor is so clean you can off it. At my house we do, but usually it is usually because the table tops are cluttered and the couch is covered. 😀


Having resigned myself to the futility of Home Spring Cleaning, this year I am turning my attention to Classrooms where we all have dozens of happy hands just waiting for an assertive suggestion (I am referring to our students, not us just doing things super fast.)

In this first phase of a 2-phase series (concluding next week) we will prepare for and then launch The First Annual Classroom Spring Clean.

(Cue the Horns!) Phase 1–Prep Steps for You:

Digital Spring Clean for your computer or laptop: Today after school clean out your temps/history cache, run any virus software updates, downloads any plug-ins that you have been meaning to use (Shockwave, Java, Real Player, etc…) and run a virus scan. Set the defrag to run as you leave school today (Start button/All Programs/Accessories). Be sure to restart your machine tomorrow when you arrive at school.

Invites:Invite #1: Spring Clean for Eyeglasses– The Lions Club International has a fantastic program called Recycle for Sight, which collects, reuses, refurbishes, then redistributes unwanted eyeglasses to people in developing countries who need them.

The World Health Organization estimates that 153 million people  have uncorrected refractive errors, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism, which can be easily corrected with eyeglasses.

Invite yourself and your students to help in this effort by bringing in eyeglasses. To avoid misunderstandings require students to bring a note from parent releasing the glasses for donation.

Invite #2: Paper Rolls–Invite students to bring in the cardboard rolls from paper towels and toilet paper. These will be put to great use in Phase 2 in May.

Invite #3: Spring Clean Paper Shuffle–Many of us pay some or many of our bills online. But along with monthly statements come pre-addressed envelopes. Save these envelopes, bring them to your classroom. Today, invite your students to also bring in any unused pre-addy envelopes. These will be put to great use in Phase 2 in May.

Spring Clean Shopping Prep: Buy disposable camera for use in Phase 2 next week. NOTE: You may be tempted while at the store to buy cleaning products to help you with actual classroom scrubbing. Please be careful about the types of products you buy or bring from home to do any classroom spring cleaning. Most school districts require only district approved cleaning products used by the custodians. Even Seventh Gen or Mrs. Meyers  may be too harsh for use with students. Theraputic Prep Step for You: Spring clean your mind today: take a walk! takeawalk.jpg