Spring Forward Tech Clean-up

Waking up in the darkness is an unwelcome consequence of Daylight Savings Time. I still am not fond of stubbing my toe in the new pre-dawn hours, although, I remembered to set my clocks forward, (except the pesky car clock which may hafta wait until the October switch-back).

While I nurse my toe with a bag of frozen peas, I decided to apply some Spring Forward Tech-Clean-up to my machines.

Here is my 10-step “Tech-To-Do” list:

1.) Clean out cookies and temp files (Tools Menu/Internet Options for IE and Tools/Clear Recent History on Firefox, plus clear cache)

2.) Delete the Deleted emails from Email programs (they’re not gone until they’re deleted)

3.) Peruse a file or two or twelve of Favorites or Bookmarks and clear out old, outadate websites (do you really need the Y2K preparedness checklist link?)

4.) Ditto #3 for Pinterest boards

5.) Ditto #3 for your pictures folders (question: do you really need 10 shots of grandma eating banana pudding? If so, transfer to zip/cloud/disk/CD)

6.) Run an Adware/Malware scan–I’m still crazy after all these years for MalwareBytes available at Download.com

7.) Run a comprehensive virus scan (use one virus scan product only, 2+ just gums up the works)

These next two suggestions are “borrowed” reposted from Jacqui Murray’s blog post “How to Add Zip to Your Slow Computer

8.) Uninstall unnecessary programs. Go to Start button, Control Panel, Programs and Features. Uninstall those pesky toolbars and other programs that get on your computer when your virtual back is turned.

9.) Run defrag, which is under start button (lower left corner), type ‘defrag’ into the search bar. It’ll come up with a ‘defrag’ program. Run it. This helps put your ducks back in a row.

10.) Others? What else would you add?

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