Design Journal 9: Revised Schematic

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it. ~Albert Camus

My original schematic for me Voice Playback Integrated Wearable has undergone a change. I found that I needed a Transformer to connect the 5V Voice Recorder to the 3.3V Lilypad. The Transformer will connect the Voice Recorder to the Lilypad. I am learning a lot from the “Bald Wisdom” website, in particular the post “Electrify Your Halloween Making Things Scream.”

New Schematic



I am also searching to add to the code I have copied from SparkFun, to find something called “RP” to help synchronize the sound and blinkey lights. I will need to have automatic sound delivery followed by the blinkey lights. I am undecided right now as to whether the blinkey lights will signal all at once or in a progression.


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