U.S. Veterans Day Tribute

Thank you to Veteran’s for your sacrifice and commitment to our country. This week’s vote-casting, allowed it involved thousand of volunteers was initially brought to us through your willingness to serve.

photo by Teague

photo by Teague


Introduction to Resources in the Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP)

Interested in firsthand accounts of combat from Vietnam veterans? Want to know how to research your relative’s military unit? Come find out more during a special presentation by VHP reference specialist Megan Harris.

This introduction provides an overview of VHP’s collections scope, available online resources, how to search the archive using the online database, and how to coordinate use of non-digitized collections. Participants will learn more about VHP’s online exhibits, how to find information about specific units and conflicts, and the vast number of ways in which VHP collections can be utilized in your research.

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