Weekend Ed. Quote ~ January 10

“According to Purkey and Novak (2016), an invitational stance begins with teachers’ beliefs about students–that “people are able, valuable and responsible and should be treated accordingly” (p. 11). Another key belief would be that “people possess relatively boundless potential in all areas of worthwhile human endeavor” (p. 11). Inviting teachers communicate that they care about their students in every interaction with them. They demonstrate optimism when interacting with students, and they show respect to them while creating an atmosphere of trust in the classroom.

Purkey and Novak (2016) identified the 5 Ps of Invitational Education and used a starfish as a metaphor. Inviting educators (people) can focus on being invitational in the areas of places, policies, programs, and processes.” ~Jenny Edwards

Amelia Teaching

photo by Helen Teague



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