Best Hero of the Day ~ Mitch and DeAnn Lurie

Mitch and DeAnn Lurie co-founded The Leather Sofa Co. in 2004. Fast-forward 16 years and the Lewisville, Texas leather furniture company, when faced with pandemic restrictions decided to retrofit their inventory of sofa fabrics into medical masks for healthcare workers.

The Leather Furniture Co.

The Lurie’s called their employees back to their factory and put them to work making the masks.

“I just felt like we needed to do something to give back,” Mitch Lurie said. “So I said, ‘OK, let’s get to work! Let’s see what we can do.'”

One employee found a pattern online to make face masks. A machine that would normally cut leather for sofas is instead mapping out the face mask pattern on black fabric and cutting it. The rest of the work is done by hand.

The factory makes 1,000 masks a day. These masks will be sent to Presbyterian Hospital’s oncology department.

Update: Joining The Leather Sofa Co. to make protective medical masks and medical equipment are Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, Gap, and Canada Goose. Vera Bradley is switching its Indiana facility to produce masks from the fabric normally used to make handbags. Source Link




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