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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ September 8

Importance of Principal’s Feedback

“Unfortunately, in Ireland, principals have not shown a high level of involvement in the professional growth of teachers. A survey of teachers in Ireland reported that 43% never received feedback from their principal (OCED 2010)…lack of engagement [due to lack of feedback from principals] may indirectly signal to teachers that continual reflection and growth in daily practice are not significant to principals. Building positive relationships with constructive feedback and praise can positively affect teachers’ self-efficacy, as indicated in the Teaching and Learning International Survey (OECD 2010). Principals should send the message to teachers that sustained learning is necessary, motivate teachers to engage with Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and value teachers’ professional growth. Ensuring teachers are empowered to learn and grow as professionals is key to successful curriculum reform.” ~Porcenaluk, O’Neachtain & Connolly, 2023

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Porcenaluk, S., O’Neachtain, A., & Connolly, C. (2023).
Reimagining a
framework for teachers’ continuous professional development during
    curriculum reform. Irish Educational Studies, 1-18. https://doi.org/10.1080/03323315.2023.2250765


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