Confessions of the Oldest Padawan on Tython~1

As part of my doctoral coursework, I’m enrolled in a Game-design course. One of the immersives is to spend time in the MMORPG domains. I chose Star Wars Old Republic. The obvious fact that I was born before Sally Ride blasted to space is not lost on me. At any given time, I am the oldest Padawan on Tython.

Level 1: Padawan ergo sum

A Padawan is an apprentice in the Jedi order.  (Wookieepedia, I have chosen to “be” a Jedi  Consular. (NOTE: I am still marinating in the idea of my “be-ness” in a MMORPG game, having spent far too much time with the Shakepearean and Descarte- (Cogito ergo sum), and Erikson orientations). My entry into this situated learning experience has been the subject of much discussion at work. The role of Jedi Consular appealed to me after reading Zayne Carrick’s definition, “ A Consular is a specialized kind of Jedi. They focus more on cerebral Force skills. They’re our healers, our researchers, our seers.” The Pacifist in me needs the  Consular designation over a Jedi fighter and the Puritan in me chooses Consular over the Smuggler role or (gasp) members of the Sith tribe.

Confession: Padawan ergo sum replaces Cogito ergo sum



More Confessions

Essential resources: sent by my cadre-mate, Deb via her game afficionado son, Ben Star Wars: The Old Republic | Game Overview