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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ January 15

As I see it, code literacy is a requirement for participation in a digital world. When we acquired language, we didn’t just learn how to listen, but also how to speak. When we acquired text, we didn’t just learn how to read, but also how to write. Now that we have computers, we are learning to use them but not how to program them. When we are not code literate, we must accept the devices and software we use with whatever limitations and agendas their creators have built into them – Douglas Rushkoff, Digital Literacy Advocate – Codecademy



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What is the Opposite of Choice?

choice antonyms



“In general, All technologies gives us more choices…but all technologies also have the burden of choice, they force more choice.” ~Douglas Rushkoff (57:43)

“The easiest way to de-bug reality is to stop when it is not working.” ~Douglas Rushkoff

Where are the choices that don’t fit?

What is the opposite of choice?

Is there a concept of the opposite of choice? Is it tyranny? despotism?


Douglas Rushkoff (2010). Program or Be Programmed. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKAzZocdQ1Y

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