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Summarization and Close Reading of Text

Here is a Summarization Strategy for Reading and Writing called “The Incredible Shrinking Notes”

Summarization Helen Teague**

Students read a section of text either assignned by the teacher or self-selected.

Students write a summary of the reading selection on the large index card. Depending on the age and ability of the students, teachers may need to give guidance as to number of sentences, sentence structure, whether misspellings will be noted, etc…

Students are then given the medium sized card and have to take the information from the large card and condense it onto the medium-sized card.

Finally, students are given the small card and must take the information from the medium sized card and condense it further onto the small card.

Great way for students to get to the main point/idea, engage in CCCS of “close reading of text” and summarization, a skill needed across the curriculum.

**Click the Piktochart above to enlarge. Can be saved to use in your classroom.

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