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Creating a media file from powerpoint: The Images of Aging Photo Contest

The 8th Annual 2017-2018 Images of Aging photo contest features endearing photos depicting active aging submitted by the best students at ACU, including Emily Adams We’ll announce the contest winners tomorrow!! Usually, we run a continuous feed powerpoint, but I wanted more of a video experience. Duplicating the upload process for the photos seemed… cumbersome.

I took my powerpoint and saved it as a Windows media file using the following steps:

  1. Open the powerpoint file
  2. Click “Save As” and give the file a name in the File name box
  3. Click “Windows Media Video” from the “Save as Type” dropdown list and then click “Save.” 
  4. Your PowerPoint presentation is now saved as a video file. 4.
  5. Run from your laptop or log in to social media accounts such as Facebook
  6. There will be a short delay while the file is uploaded and processed


1ImagesOfAgingPhotosAllPhotos- video opens in a new window


See more information at our “Images of Aging” blog.


Alternatives to Powerpoint

From an online discussion by Louise Friel

My son (P7) has just completed a great project entitled, “The Person I Most Admire”.
The children put alot of thought and effort into this, gathering information, pictures and images, which culminated in a short Powerpoint presentation, which they shared with the rest of the class.

Sound familiar? So what else could they have done?
Using MovieMaker or StoryBoard, (free video and audio software) the children could have developed a much more media rich presentation, incorporating video and audio, which they could then have shared with the whole school, parents, family and worldwide, if uploaded and broadcast though the internet.

Have a quick look at www.schoolpodcast.org to see what some of the schools in Northern Ireland have been busy working on. This forum allows the children (and teachers) to showcase their work in a secure, structured environment, so we can all appreciate their hard work.

So, why are all schools not looking beyond Powerpoint? I believe that this is, in part, due to teachers lack of awareness of what else is out there. Instead of embracing the wealth of multimedia tools that current and emerging technology has to offer, they are stuck in the Powerpoint rut!

Do you agree? If so, how do we get schools to look beyond last centurys tools and start adopting the wonderful range of educational, engaging, and FUN tools out there?

What are some of these tools?

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