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Lessons featuring Academic Vocabulary

ReadWorks collected and features lessons that teach critical academic vocabulary words in the context of authentic passages with our newest collection:

K-12th Grade Passages with Academic Vocabulary


K-12th grade literary passages

Growing strong readers involves providing real text and authentic literary passages for students. It is also important to read along with students and to model active reading for them.

Check out our newest collection of K – 12th grade literary passages from ReadWorks, each with a question set based on evidence in the text.

K – 12th Grade Literary Passages


National Poetry Month Resources from ReadWorks

Our friends at ReadWorks sent a reminder that April is National Poetry Month. Inspire a love of poetry and improve your students’ reading comprehension with our collection of poems at different levels for K – 12th grade.

K – 12 Poems & Question Sets for National Poetry Month

Each poem, or pair of poems, comes with an evidence-based question set that can help move your students to comprehension. Like all ReadWorks curriculum, they are based on the highest-quality research on reading comprehension.

Please consider moving within all grade area specifications—don’t feel confined to stay just within your grade area. ReadWorks has chosen so many great poems that transcend grades and ages.

Have fun with poetry!

National Poetry Month

Additional National Poetry Month posts



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