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Additional Connectors for CoP


Video night!

Shortcut link for this post: https://4oops.edublogs.org/?p=3145
Very Basic Overview and Review of Situated Learning

Addressing Identity and Knowing in Landscapes of Learning

Distinguishing Networks from Situated Learning in Communities of Practice

Peer-reviewed articles addressing the classroom as a setting for a CoP

Classroom CoP1

Classroom CoP2

Classroom CoP3

and Jean Lave discussing her research portfolio (begin at 5:00 minutes in)


Connected Educators Book Club

The Connected Educators book club has launched, and is now taking signups for participation.

The book featured for Connected Educator Month is Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s The Connected Educator, Learning in a Digital Age.

Sheryl has graciously agreed to join the book club for all the sessions.

The first club meeting will be on August 8th (but the club is designed so you can keep up asynchronously on your own schedule as well).

For more information about the book club and to sign up to join, click here.

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