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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ December 18





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Weekend Ed. Quote~January 24

All education must be aimed at eventually leading children to think for themselves and become autonomous individuals capable of genuine moral action. ~Immanuel Kant and Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Think for yourself

And…Happy National Read-A-Thon Day! Our students in Sigma Phi Omega will be hosting a Reading Party at Chisholm Place today. They will also deliver books for the onsite library.  Remember to take #timetoread !


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Weekend Ed. Quote~March 1


“Effective thinkers make their thinking visible, meaning they externalize their thoughts through speaking, writing, drawing, or some other method. They can then direct and improve those thoughts.” ~Ritchhart & Perkins



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 Ritchhart, R. and Perkins, D. (2008, February). Making thinking visible. Educational Leadership, 65(5), 57-61.

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