This week in PBS In Education

Whether on the track, in the pool, or in the classroom,
every champion needs a great teacher.
This week, PBS In Education serves up a collection
of athletic-focused resources to help you prep your
champions for success.

Digital Resources

How does exercise impact the human body?
Does sneaker design affect athletic performance?
What does data analysis have to do with running
a relay race? Explore the answers to these questions
with PBS LearningMedia:

How the Body Responds to Exercise, Grades 6-12
Meet a group of runners preparing for a marathon
and learn what effect their running has on the
cardiovascular system.

Easy-Fit Design, Grades 3-12 What question did
Chi-An Wang try to answer on her quest to build
a better shoe for triathletes?

Tae Kwon Do, Grades 4-6 Join young black belts
Kha and Peta as they examine how to refine their
Tae Kwon Do kicks.

Kid Inventor: The Collapsible Lacrosse Stick,
Grades K-8
See how one kid inventor responds to
the inconvenience of carrying a long lacrosse
stick on the bus.

Team Motherboard’s Cyber Olympic Strategy,
Grades 3-5

Find out how the Cyberchase team uses data to
inform their relay race strategy.

Bats & Books, Grades 4-9 Hear author Jerry Spinelli
(Maniac Magee) explain why sports and books
shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Professional Development

TECH330: Communicate and Collaborate Online –
Grades K-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn about today’s student and technologies! Explore
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites, discussion boards, and videoconferencing in this TECH course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH250: Understanding Numbers and Operations:
Addition and Subtraction in Grades PreK-3

Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog

Learn to teach mental arithmetic to enhance your students’
understanding of addition and subtraction – a
nd develop your understanding of computational
strategies in this course from PBS TeacherLine.

MATH455: Seeing Math™: Data Analysis –
Grades 6-12
Syllabus | Sign Up | Catalog
What do the measures of central tendency
(mean, median, and mode) tell you about the data?
Teach your students how to look beyond calculations
and help them to perform higher-order statistical
thinking with this course from PBS TeacherLine.

Fall Term I Begins September 19 Fall Term II
Begins October 24

New & Noteworthy

Looking for a Summer Read?
Explore this sport-themed booklist from Reading Rockets!
Delve into poetry, photos, illustrations, and real-life
stories about running, sailing, and baseball.
For children age 1-9.

Dinosaur Train Geocaching The Jim Henson Company
has enlisted the help of PBS stations, museums,
zoos, and aquariums nationwide to hide Dinosaur Train themed geocaches! Click here to get started on your next adventure.