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Integrate Common Core Standards with PBS Learning Media

Looking to integrate the Common Core State Standards into your teaching this year? Let PBS LearningMedia support your efforts. Start with these featured resources, then sign up for full access – anytime, anywhere:

Different Kind of Fuel, Grades 6-12 Use the specialized vocabulary presented in this video clip to help your students build proficiency while learning about the massive energy source that is the sun.

What’s the Author’s Purpose? Animal Shelter , Grades 3-8 This lesson plan explores the role of animal shelters. Use the video clips and informational text with your students to explore the impact of words and the writer’s point of view.

Analyzing Information – Can Pigs be Pets? Grades 3-12 Invite your students to compare and contrast their own points of view with those presented in the video. What are the pros and cons of having pigs as pets?

Garden Spiders, Grades 3-6 Introduce you class to six varieties of spiders in a busy garden ecosystem. Ask each student to take brief notes and evaluate the information.

Facing It, by Yusef Komunyakaa, Grades 7-12 This veteran and contemporary poet shares his poem about the Vietnam Memorial. Ask your students to analyze the style and purpose of the text. What makes it powerful?

An Egg is Quiet, Grades PreK-1 Use this illustrated story to practice text comprehension with your students – as well as encourage their language and vocabulary development.

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