Endnote weekend maintenance message

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Endnote is where I live. If you are a perennial Endnote resident and might have missed this, here is their outage message:


Just an FYI for Endnote-ers: EndNote® online (& ResearcherID) will be undergoing an infrastructure upgrade on Saturday, 21 June. The application will be unavailable for a period of approximately 15 hours starting at 9pm EDT (GMT-4:00), ending at 12pm EDT. This outage will affect the EndNote online application, sync services, and interactions between Web of Science, ResearcherID and EndNote online.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue to update you on our  progress on our status Twitter @EndNoteStatus.                                              

Maintenance Hours:

  • New York: 9pm, Saturday, 21 June (GMT-4:00)
  • London: 2am, Sunday, 22 June (GMT+1:00)
  • Sydney:11am, Sunday, 22 June (GMT+10:00)
  • Singapore: 9am, Sunday, 22 June (GMT+8:00)