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Your Brain on Books

In Honor of School Library Month and National Library Week, April 10 – 16, 2016


PBS Courses Begin Wednesday April 13

A new PBS TeacherLine term, starting April 13! Click this link to enroll: http://to.pbs.org/1Ud3k7G



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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ April 8


Amelia Teaching

photo by Helen Teague

“The bottom line is that words do have power. They build up people and give them the mind-set that they can do it, but words can tear down people leaving them with the impression that they are nothing and never will be anything…Words can create hope or despair. Words can give birth to ideas and challenge people to great heights. Words can empower or enslave. Those of us who have chosen a life as educators must have a higer consciousness of our words. The school, via its agents…must be ever mindful of the power of words.” (Smith & Mack, 2006, p. 42-43)



Research Source:

Smith, V. G., & Mack, F. R. (2006). Make’Em, Don’t Break’Em: The Power of Words and Labels. Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice, 12, 37-45.


Happy Arduino Day!! April 2, 2016




Weekend Ed. Quote ~April 1

This week’s quote is courtesy of innovator, Massimo Banzi, the creator of Arduino. April 2nd is the worldwide Arduino Day. Click this link for more information.

Massimo Banzi quote



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