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Best Hero of the Day: “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene”



Medical Masks are absolutely essential for front line health care heroes.

Effie McClendon recognized this need and wanted to help. McClendon is the founding member of “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene.” McClendon says, “we’re figuring it out together” regarding the logistics of the community effort she began. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene began less than 10 days ago!





The group, organized on Facebook, has posted a tutorial for sewing the mask on their group site.


Accurate Air Solutions in Abilene donated N95 filters. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene are organizing and contacting several businesses, the local library, university Maker Lab in Abilene, Texas to help with cutting materials, cutting, packaging, and teaching others to sew! Those who sew range in age from 8 years to, well, older than that!

Keeping social distancing in mind, the group has three drop-off stations in medical establishments.

As one group member shared, “This project is replacing my worry with love and hope!”



Update: Nordstrom Alterations Sewing more than 100,000 masks. 



Celebrate More Heroes of the Day


STEM and Makerspace DIY Games

V.I.T. (Very Important Tweet) from my Twitter Feed:


Happy National Week of Making! June 20-25


Happy Birthday, Nancy Grace Roman!!!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Nancy Grace Roman!!!

One of the most influential “Makers” at a time before Makerspaces were in vogue, Dr. Nancy Grace Roman is an American astronomer who was one of the first female executives at NASA. She is known to many as the “Mother of Hubble” for her role in planning the Hubble Space Telescope. Wikipedia
Denied tenure as a female, she left academia and continued on as Chief of Astronomy was the U.S. Space agency. Dr. Roman, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, pioneered research on the Hubble Telescope.
During the years when budget cuts threatened the research, Dr. Roman was able to conceptualize both the need and the desire of deep space research. She famously said, “For the cost of the night at the movies, every American would have 15 years of exciting discovery.”
Dr. Nancy Grace Roman was correct and since the Hubble’s launch in 1990, we have seen enchanting and amazing images of our expansive celestial neighborhood. Among the many, many discoveries from the Hubble telescope, is the discovery that the number of galaxies in the universe is two with 22 zeroes after it.

The Trifid Nebula, as seen by data from the Hubble Telescope

Read more about Nancy Grace Roman at NASA’s Oral History and this link from Voice of America

Image Source Link

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Happy Arduino Day!! April 2, 2016




Weekend Ed. Quote ~April 1

This week’s quote is courtesy of innovator, Massimo Banzi, the creator of Arduino. April 2nd is the worldwide Arduino Day. Click this link for more information.

Massimo Banzi quote



More Ed. Quotes


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