Apps, Hashtags, Podcasts, Padlets, Virtual Field Trips and more!

Investigative Research with the Pomodoro Technique, Part 2 

Research Words by Helen Teague

Assignment Instructions Repost:

  1. Part 2: Deep Dive: Begin to explore the resources from the list below. This list is a collection of Podcasts, Padlets, Activities, Websites, Social Media, Ideas, Blogs, Links, Virtual Field Trips, Hashtags, Socials, APPS, Reviews— Bookmark/Collect/Note as you explore. Explore from the prospect of their possible integration to your present or future classroom.
  2. Part 2: Deep Dive
  3. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Explore the resources from the list
  4. When the timer sounds, take a 5-minute break, return to the assignment instructions and complete Part 3.

Resources in Part 2

1.Hashtags to Check-out (or find others to use in your instructional setting):
#engineeringdesign    #Edtechafterdark

2. Engineering Design Padlet Samples: 

3. Lesson Plans
Geocaching: How to Use It In Your Classroom:
Geocaching: In and Out of the Classroom:–geocaching-in-the-classroom.html
PBWorks Geocaching and GPS:
GPS and Geocaching in the Classroom by Burt Lo, ISTE:
GPS and Geocaching in Physical Education, Lesson Plan:
Drone Lesson Plans: Drone Curriculum:

4. Videos Based on NSF Research: 
Academic Conversations:

5. Makerspace Activities: Using Makerspaces to Extent Curriculum-A Geology Project:–a-geology-project&–expect-the-miraculous

6. Reviews:
Review TES-Teach (formerly Blendspace):

7. Virtual Field Trip to Outer Space: 360 view of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter