Best Hero of the Day: “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene”



Medical Masks are absolutely essential for front line health care heroes.

Effie McClendon recognized this need and wanted to help. McClendon is the founding member of “The Medical Mask Force of Abilene.” McClendon says, “we’re figuring it out together” regarding the logistics of the community effort she began. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene began less than 10 days ago!





The group, organized on Facebook, has posted a tutorial for sewing the mask on their group site.


Accurate Air Solutions in Abilene donated N95 filters. The Medical Mask Force of Abilene are organizing and contacting several businesses, the local library, university Maker Lab in Abilene, Texas to help with cutting materials, cutting, packaging, and teaching others to sew! Those who sew range in age from 8 years to, well, older than that!

Keeping social distancing in mind, the group has three drop-off stations in medical establishments.

As one group member shared, “This project is replacing my worry with love and hope!”



Update: Nordstrom Alterations Sewing more than 100,000 masks. 



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