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Nanocrafter Game Review Abstract-Updated

RUNNING HEAD: Nanocrafter Game                                                                                                               1

Academic Game Review: Nanocrafter
Helen Teague
EDLT 728: Game, Simulations, and Virtual World for Learning
Dr. Mark Chen
Summer 2014


 Research verifies the important role of exploratory play in the development of cognitive ability, creativity, and concept management (O’Rourke, et al, 2013).  Nanocrafter is the newest game to leverage exploratory play, offered in Beta from the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington (CGS). Announced at the Games for Change conference in April, 2014, Nanocrafter offers progressing levels of skill building for players as they visualize and build nanoscale representations of synthetic protein bonds. Synthetic protein bonds do not exist naturally and must be combined by scientists through synthetic biology. Synthetic biology and DNA protein bonds can be the medical solution to real-world challenges, such as disease treatment and debilitating medical conditions.

Educators will notice how Nanocrafter leverages the cognitive precepts of Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design (UbD), Strategic Design, and socio-affective attributes such as peer-review and collaborative groups. High-school students will find an engaging portal to strengthen STEM core competencies.


Keywords: games, simulations, protein bonds, synthetic biology


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Academic Game Review



Inquiry Learning Resource~Sally Ride Science

Just heard about this from my friend Dr. John Barell:

Dr. Sally Ride was the first women in space and an educator with continuing research in corporate inquiry mind sets and STEM.  Following the explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia, she concluded her investigation with these ringing words: “Ever NASA manager needs to be inquisitive to a fault.  You must ask and ask and ask.”  In person
she told me that, yes, this challenge did indeed apply to all walks of life and that science was an excellent way of fostering our inquisitiveness by asking “Why?”

Continuing in the spirit of inquiry, the website SallyRideScience (https://sallyridescience.com) is a splendid resource for all those conducting investigations about the natural world.

Give yourself some time to search for Curiosity Rover on Mars, Climate Change and with Antarctic research.  In the Antarctic research section, you’ll find the intriguing question, “How do penguins survive  in very cold temperatures?”  John wrote, “I thought I knew the answer, but learned more about the physics that I still don’t quite understand fully:  http://www.coolantarctica.com/Antarctica%20fact%20file/science/cold_penguins.htm

Sally Ride ScienceSallyRideScience seems to be a safe, secure and child friendly. Conduct searches at STEM Central and Browse by
Category. John wrote, “Investigating the natural world  is that area of inquiry where we’re always asking What? Why? How Come?” Take a look at SallyRideScience.

Thanks, Dr. John Barell!


Picture Books Across the Curriculum and Curriculum Topic Connections

Picture Books Across the Curriculum Including Curriculum Topic Connections
(Feel free to copy and distribute)

Chin-Lee, Cynthia.  A is for AmericasSpainsh culture,language
Louie, Ai-Ling.  Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. Chinese culture, lanugage
Pricemen, Marjorie.  How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Mapping skills

Cronin, Doreen.  Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Labor union, negotiation tactics

Ahlberg, Janet.  The Baby’s Catalogue. Family roles
Freymann,Saxton.  How are you Peeling? : Foods with moods. Emotions

Home Arts
Ahlberg, Janet.  The Baby’s Catalogue. Family roles
Pricemen, Marjorie.  How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Recipes, ingredients

Language Arts
Atwood, Margaret, 1939-.  Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut. Alliteration
Briggs, Raymond.  Snowman. Creative writing
Cronin, Doreen.  Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Personification
Day, Alexandra.  Good Dog, Carl. Creative writing
Howe, James.  I Wish I Were a Butterfly. Theme
Innocenti, Roberto. Rose Blanche. Foreshadowing
Martin, Bill. The Ghost-eye Tree.  Tone
McKissack, Patricia.  Mirandy and Brother Wind. Personification, onomatopoeia
Minters, Frances.  Sleepless Beauty. Fractured fairy tale
Pilkey, Dave.  Kat Kong: Starring Flash, Rabies, and Dwayne and Introducing Blueberry as the Monster. Pun, onomatopoeia
Polacco, Patricia.  Just Plain Fancy.  Pun, foreshadowing
Nickle, John. The Ant Bully. Theme
Ringgold, Faith.  The Invisible Princess.  Allusion
Rosenberg, Liz.  Monster Mama. Theme
Say, Allen.  Grandfather’s Journey. Simile,methaphor,foreshadowing
Schroeder, Alan.  Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella. Regional history
Scieszka, Jon.  The Stinky Cheese Man. Fractured fairy tale
Scieszka, Jon.  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Point of view
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.  A Child’s Garden of Verses. Poetry
Turkle, Brinton.  Deep in the Forest.  Point of View      

Birch, David.  The King’s Chessboard. Number Patterns
Clement, Rod.  Counting on Frank. Metric measurement
Friedman, Aileen.  The King’s Commissioners. Place Value
Leedy, Loreen.  Fraction Action. Fractions
Mahy, Margaret.  17 Kings and 42 Elephants. Division
Schwartz, David M.  G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book. Math terms
Schwartz, David M.  If You Made a Million. Finance
Tompert, Ann.  Grandfather Tang’s Story. Geometry

Chocolate, Debbi.  The Piano Man.  Vaudeville music
London, Jonathan.  Hip Cat. Jazz
Moss, Lloyd.  Zin!zin!zin! : A Violin. Musical instruments
Winter, Jeanette.  Follow the Drinking Gourd. Underground Railroad

Freymann,Saxton.  How are you Peeling? : Foods with Moods. Emotions
Liersch, Anne.  A House is not a Home. Relationships
Lionni, Leo, 1910-.  Swimmy.  Relationships, self-esteem
Porter-Gaylord, Laurel.  I Love My Daddy Because…  Family roles, relationships
Porter-Gaylord, Laurel.  I Love My Mommy Because…Family roles, relationships
Ross, Tom.  Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg. Relationships, self-esteem
Sendak, Maurice.  Where the Wild Things Are. Dreams

Science Earth Science
Baylor, Byrd.  Everybody Needs a Rock.  Geology
Kathryn Lasky.  Science Fair Bunnies.  Scientific method
Tresselt, Alvin R.  White Snow, Bright Snow.Weatherz

Environmental Sciences

Briggs, Raymond.  When the Wind Blows. Nuclear effects
Cherry, Lynne.  The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest. Conservation

Life Science
Cherry, Lynne.  The Armadillo from Amarillo.  Plant, animal life, regional animals
Eichenberg, Fritz, 1901-.  Ape in a Cape: An Alphabet of Odd Animals. Zoology,taxonomy
Kathryn Lasky.  Science Fair Bunnies.  Scientific method
Lionni, Leo, 1910-.  Swimmy.  Mimicry
Ross, Tom.  Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg.  Camouflage
Schwartz, David M.  If You Hopped Like a Frog.  Animal physiology

Physical Science
Briggs, Raymond.  When the Wind Blows.  Nuclear effects
Kathryn Lasky.  Science Fair Bunnies.  Scientific method

Chin-Lee, Cynthia.  A is for Americas.  Vocabulary,culture

Munsch, Robert N. Jonathan Cleaned Up His Room —Then He Heard a Noise. Computer error effects

US History
Eve Bunting.  The Wall. Vietnam Memorial
Innocenti, Roberto. Rose Blanche. World War II in Germany
Mochizuki, Ken.  Baseball Saved Us. Japanese internment camps
Polacco, Patricia.  Just Plain Fancy. Amish culture
Polacco, Patricia.  Pink and Say. Civil War
Say, Allen.  Grandfather’s Journey. Immigration
Seuss, Dr. The Butter Battle Book. War
Uchida, Yoshiko. The Bracelet .Japanese internment camps
Winter, Jeanette.  Follow the Drinking Gourd. Song about Underground Railroad, African-American history

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