Summer Resources from PBS Learning Media

PBS LearningMedia is a FREE digital media resource designed to support curriculum-based teaching and learning from PreK through 12th grade. The service offers video clips, audio recordings, photographs, interactive games, primary source documents, and more. For full access to the PBS LearningMedia. Use these featured resources from PBS TeacherLine to introduce students to the buzzing, slithering, burrowing world of backyard critters and reinforce key concepts in the sciences and language arts.

Grades 3-6 | Plants & Insects | Video + Teaching Tips

Explore six types of arachnids including the black widow, brown recluse, wolf, and crab spider and discuss the role these insects play within the garden’s ecosystem.

Snake Jaws
Grades 5-8 | Adaptation | Blended Lesson

What kinds of backyard animals rely on special adaptations for their survival? Ask your middle school students to investigate this question using this interactive lesson.

Start a Nature Collection
Grades PreK-1 | Hands-on Science | Video + Lesson Plan

Help young learners develop an appreciation for the natural world by showing them how to organize their very own nature collection.