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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ April 30


“… the original decision about how to use computers placed the teacher on a collision course with School’s system of control: As soon as she (the teacher) decided not to control the students, she took away School’s established way of controlling her. The question has moved from how power is distributed within the educational hierarchy to whether hierarchy to whether hierarchy is an appropriate mode of organization for education.”

~Seymour Papert, The Children’s Machine: Rethinking school in the age of the computer, 1993








Papert, S. (1993). The Children’s Machine Rethinking school in the age of the computer. Basic Books.




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Weekend Ed. Quote ~ April 9




File Link: https://4oops.edublogs.org/files/2021/04/PapertP42.jpg

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An Example of Constructionist Learning in Online Environments


Weekend Ed. Quote ~ September 23

Give yourself time is an absurdly obvious principle that falls equally under heuristics and mathetics. Yet school flagrantly contravenes it by its ways of chopping time … Seymour Papert, A Word for Learning, In Constructionism in Practice, by Yasmin Kafai and Mitchel Resnick










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